Zero-carbon coins mined in the U.S.

Direct access to low-cost, carbon-free power with a cost-focused miner procurement strategy and an experienced JV partner.

The Cumulus Coin mission.

As the demand for reliable, low-cost, zero-carbon electricity continues to increase, we intend to advance the world's transition to clean energy by leading the transformation of the power and digital infrastructure sectors.

Cumulus Coin will create zero-carbon coins with the appropriate regulatory overlay, mined in the United States in a secure location. As the world's adoption of digital assets and the demand for clean power accelerates, we believe these zero-carbon coins with verifiable attributes and U.S. provenance will be highly differentiated for those seeking to invest in digital coin production. We believe our coins can provide a secure, compliant, zero-carbon digital store of value to be held by investors at the largest financial institutions in the world.

Alex Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer, Cumulus Coin & Talen Energy

John Chesser
Chief Financial Officer, Cumulus Coin & Talen Energy

Debra Raggio
Senior Vice President, Regulatory & External Affairs

Tim Woodland
Senior Vice President, Commercial

Ying Liu
Managing Director, Treasury (Growth)

Ellen Liu
Director, Finance & Corporate Development

Olivia Sigo
Managing Director Capital Planning and Risk

Joey Shannon
Head of Renewables Development

Ashley Townsend
Head of Battery Storage Development

Julie LaBella
Senior Director, Regulatory & External Affairs

Marc Jackson
Head of Real Estate & Property Management


We are ideally positioned to become a
leader in U.S. bitcoin mining.

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Susquehanna digital campus has zero-carbon, low-cost, 24x7 on-site power.

Rapid Progress

Digital campus and Coin Facility 1 development are rapidly progressing.

Computational Power

Computational power of initial facility represents ~3% of projected peak hash rate.

Project Returns

Attractive project returns that scale as the price of bitcoin appreciates.