Rapid progress at our first facility.

Initial facility includes two 100 MW buildings.

Design Basis

Filtered air cooling using forced and induced draft for optimal environmental control.

Parasitic Load

Expect average ~4.5% parasitic load at full operations.

Room to Grow

Ability to grow operations to 300 MW, leveraging campus electrical infrastructure and adjacent land.

Coin Facility 1 design offers 200 MW of efficient mining capacity.

After extensive review process of design implications and costs, we selected EcoCooling as the frontrunner due to their:
  • Deep experience deploying mining in the field
  • Technical expertise
  • Superior customized design with low parasitic load for optimal mining efficiency
  • Manufacturing capability

Development is in progress for the 200 MW capacity Phase I facility, with the option to build incremental 100 MW Phase II facility.

    • Cumulus Hashrate (EH/s)
    • % of Network Hashrate

    The facility will have extensive computational power.

    5+ EH/s computational power of ~57,000 miners in Coin Facility 1 represents ~3% of projected network hashrate at peak.
    • Our JV has procured 40,000 miners to-date – 10,000 from MinerVa and 30,000 from Bitmain (one of the leading miner manufacturers)
    • ~18,000 remaining miners to be procured; evaluating several options (Bitmain, Minerva, other suppliers)
    • Strategically managing timing of future miner orders to take advantage of favorable price and availability impact of China’s mining ban

    Diverse fiber paths identified with multiple major network
    carriers covering both a national and regional footprint.

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